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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 4, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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jon: thank you for joining us. jenna: so glad to have you on such a busy day, everybody. "america live" starts right now. shannon: and we begin with a fox news alert on the health of the u.s. economy just days after congress green lit a debt deal that was supposed to ease all of our economic fears. welcome to "america live," i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly, she is back on monday. well, major jitters on wall street this hour, the dow plunging more than 350 points before noon today. investors on edge and growing more concerned about an economic slowdown in the u.s. and europe. the latest sign of weakness coming in a new jobs report, slightly fewer people filing for the first time for unemployment, but there are still far too many people filing every week, and everyone's worried about that big jobs report we're going to get tomorrow morning. someone who will be watching it closely, stu varney of fox business network. what does this drop mean? >> reporter: well, the word "recession" is back on the table.
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that is now on the radar screens. as you said, shannon, we're worried about this bad jobs report. it's likely to be bad first thing tomorrow morning, and all the indicators recently have pointed south for the economy. investors do not like the word "recession," and when it surfaces like it has recently, there is a big selloff. right now we're down 280 points on the dow meaning that we have dropped more than a thousand points just since may of this year. but, shannon, i want to bring something else to your attention. there's something else on the table here, and that is a policy vacuum. what can president obama do about this? what policy options are available as the economy maybe teeters on the brink of recession? answer, he's got very few policy options available. congress is in recess, not much going to come out of congress. so in a policy vacuum investors ask, what are we going to do about this? the answer is, we don't know,
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probably nothing. down goat the stock market. shannon: already, you mentioned the word recession. it's not a current net, but larry summers who used to be a top economic adviser with the white house and economist of harvard says he sees a one in three chance there is going to be a double dip recession. jay carney was asked about that a short time ago, take a listen to his response. >> the president believes that the economy will continue to grow, that the economy will continue to create jobs and that we need to do everything we can to enhance that growth and enhance that job creation. as i pointed out yesterday, it's certainly the case, and this is an observation about outside analysts that, who continue to believe that the economy will grow in the second half of this year. shannon: stu, do you find that answer to be reassuring? >> reporter: well, he's putting a brave face on it. yes, there will probably be some kind of growth, but growth of 1%, 1.5%?
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this' awfully close to -- that's awfully close to recession-level activity. i might add, shannon, that most private economists have been changing their forecasts for the economy for the second half of the year. many of them were expecting 2 or 3% growth just a few weeks ago, they're now expecting 1, maybe 1.5% growth. and there are some who say the economy will contract, and it will be a recession. shannon: what do you expect for friday's jobs number tomorrow? >> reporter: any way you slice it, it will not be good. it may be spun as good, but it will not be good. even if you get the expected 75, 80,000 new jobs created last month, even if you get that, you can spin that as being better than the job creation rate in june, but it's nowhere near enough to make a dent in our unemployment situation. those numbers will be bad. shannon: everyone will be watching. stu varney, thank you, always, for breaking it down for us.
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>> reporter: sure. shannon: president obama says his new focus is on the economy and jobs, addressing the issue at a dnc fundraiser last night. here's what he had to say. >> all these problems were gathering all at once, and we knew the road ahead was going to be difficult, that the climb was going to be steep. i have to anytime i didn't know how steep -- i have to admit i didn't know how steep the climb was going to be. [laughter] so what we did was we took a series of emergency measures that first year to save the economy from collapse. and i promise you not all of them were popular, but we did what we needed to do to start getting the economy growing again, and it has been growing. not as fast as we want, but we got the economy growing instead of contracting. because we wanted to help families get back on their feet. [applause] [cheers and applause] when i said change we could bereave -- believe in, i didn't
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say change we could believe in tomorrow, not change we could believe in next week. we knew this was going to take time because we've got this big, messy, tough democracy. shannon: coming up, we're going to hear from both sides on the president's performance so far and his new push to focus on jobs and the economy. this is a fox news alert, we've been following this story all morning. police in virginia, though, now releasing a composite sketch of the suspect believed to be carrying a gun on the virginia tech campus. the campus put on lockdown. virginia tech, of course, the site of the 2007 massacre that left 33 people dead. students and faculty still being told to stay inside, lock their doors and wait for further notice. trace gallagher live at the breaking news desk with that sketch. hi, trace. >> reporter: hi, shannon. yeah, the alert is still in effect and might be for some time because, remember, virginia tech is one square mile, a very large campus. we're talking about hundreds of thousands of square feet of
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buildings they still have to go o through and search. i want to
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. >> virginia tech is not about to take any chances. listen. >> we're in a new era. obviously, this campus experienced something pretty terrible four year ago, and the choice facing us and particularly the police departments are when you get a report, what are you going to do with the report? regardless of what you think the veracity might be or the ultimate conclusion might be. >> reporter: so the students are still inside the building, some of them still continuing to go to classes. they say they feel safe, and you've got investigators and police now going from building to building trying to clear them one at a time. remember, back in 2007 in april a gunman went on a rampage killing 32 students and teachers before turning the gun on himself. as soon as the alert is lifted, we'll get back to you, shannon. shannon: all right. we know they cannot take any chances there, trace. thank you so much. and now an extreme weather alert. temperatures soaring this hour
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in the south where some areas could see temperatures of 120 degrees. the national weather service issued heat advisories for parts of 15 states stretching from southern california all the way to north carolina. it's so intense that asphalt roads are swelling and buckling. construction workers say they're finding that 18 inches below the surface of the roadway it's as hot as 105 degrees. janice dean is live in the weather center with more. >> reporter: especially for the southern and central plains, shannon, the midwest, the great lakes, the northeast getting a break, but this heat is not going anywhere across portions of the south. so heat indices yet again 100-115. in some cases it's going to feel like 120 degrees. look at parts of texas into oklahoma and across the mississippi river valley. little rock, 114 yesterday. that was their all-time high temperature on record. yeah, we are watching the south for the potential of more records today. and we're watching emily.
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there's emily just south of hispaniola. 50 mile-per-hour scened winds -- sustained winds, and there's our cone of uncertainty coming very close to florida. we might actually see some tropical storm watches going up within the next several hours just in case. still don't have a real handle on where the storm is going after it moves over haiti and the dominican republican. look at the rain amounts they're going to get over earthquake-ravaged haiti. 6-12, even 20 inches of rain, and a lot of folks are still in tents in this area. back to you. shannon: yeah, it's just heartbreaking. they're bracing for this now. janice, thank you. emily is headed for earthquake-ravaged haiti where it's threatening to drop nearly two feet of rain, and steve harrigan is streaming life from haiti. >> reporter: shannon, still some blue in the sky here in port-au-prince, but those darker clouds are moving in. the real question is will these
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tents where more than 600,000 haitians still live since the earthquake 18 months ago, will they be able to stand up to tropical force winds and torrential rainses? if you take a look, most of them are basically tarp, pieces of wood or tin put together. so it's a question will they stand up to the wind, but also the rain. we could get several feet of flooding in some areas, and one real danger is going to be flash floods as well as mudslides. this is about the only preparation we've seen so far, the government putting up a piece of tape which no one's paying attention to. the canal really could just slide, and many of these tents in this tent city could slide off right with it. the real concern is with mudslides, also with cholera as well, a water-borne disease. it's killed 6,000 people, so when you get 20 inches of rain, that's likely to spread further as well. as an emergency backdrop, there are 12,000 u.n. troops that are probably going to be rescuing people from floods, potential mudslides.
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they're going to have a very busy next 24 hours. the wind's starting to pick up here, this is going to be very tough going for about half a million haitians who are right now largely on their own. shannon, back to you. shannon: steve harrigan live in haiti. thank you, steve. this is a fox news alert, new fallout today from a major recall link today a nationwide salmonella outbreak. the u.s. department of agriculture says it is still trying to pinpoint the source of this deadly strain. it's announced a recall of 36 million pounds of ground turkey, one of the largest meat recalls ever. steve centanni's live on it in washington. hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, shannon. yeah, in fact, u.s. officials saying this is the third largest food recall in history. 36 million pounds of fresh and frozen ground turkey in the wake of a sol no knell la outbreak that's killed one person and made dozens more sick. take a look for this mark, the tainted meat all has the same code number, estp963.
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it was all processed between february 20th of this year and august 2nd, right up until just a few days ago. the outbreak has hit 26 states so far, michigan and ohio have the highest number of cases with ten each. but the lone fatality has occurred in california. experts say this kind of quote break can spread quickly. >> when we see a lot of animals whether they're birds or cows, um, being ground into meat and parceled out, we're more likely to see one illness or one pathogen spread out amongst lots of packages for consumers. >> reporter: the minnesota-based cargill corporation along with the agriculture department recalling the meat now. it's suspected the turkey came from cargill's plant in springdale, arkansas, and was sold under a variety of brand names. now, health experts say there are some simple precautions you can take to protect yourself from salmonella, wash your hands with soap and water for 20
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seconds when handling the meat, keep raw meat away from food that won't be cooked, cook the meat to a temperature of 165 degrees, and that'll actually kill the bacteria. and refrigerate raw meat a couple hours after you purchase it or before. symptoms include headaches, stomach aches, fever and chills. the cdc saying this particular strange is resistant to antibiotics, so be careful. shannon: steve, thank you. we're following breaking news right now, reports of firearms parts found inside a woman's restroom at tampa international airport. the very latest on that in just three minutes. plus, texas governor rick perry coming under intense fire for hosting a massive prayer service this weekend. some say he should just be focusing on jobs instead. michael reagan will weigh in. plus, new details this hour on that hiker who survived four brutal days and nights lost in the middle of a forest. what she did to survive. and angry neighbors
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protesting this sign that says "glad you have cancer, hope you die." why would someone post that? we're going to hear from the target of that attack straight ahead. egal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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shannon: this is a fox news alert, the tampa bay online is now reporting that according to a spokeswoman for tampa international airport, multiple weapons parts were found in a women's restroom in the main terminal of the airport yesterday morning. we're told the parts belong to several different firearms, but the types of weapons were not identified. several law enforcement agencies are now investigating, and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them on that case. some call it distasteful, others are calling it downright heartless after a man put up a sign directed at his neighbor. it reads, "glad you have cancer, now go die, stupid." trace gallagher has this shocking story.
10:18 am
>> reporter: kind of a modern day hatfield and mccoy, neighbor verse neighbor. you saw it's kind of a war of words. some pretty, really mean words as you saw, shannon. i mean, we're talking about bob gold. he was out gardening one day, and he got in a fight with his neighbor over a property dispute. his neighbor's name was edward jimenez. they went back inside, and then bob gold who's been battling cancer and he sees this sign inside the wreath. of course, if you're going to use stupid this your sign, you might want to spell cancer properly. either way, gold was shocked. listen. >> it caught my attention. i had to go back several times to look at it to make sure i'm seeing what i thought i saw. it's almost like he's an 8-year-old bully in the elementary schoolyard, you know? and he never outgrew it. >> reporter: the other neighbors also saw the sign, and they also began protesting, carrying around their own signs. they called the cops, the cops
10:19 am
came out and said, well, there's nothing we can do because the sign's not illegal, you know, free speech and all. here's one of the neighbors. listen. >> yesterday, there's no words to explain how anybody could be that rotten. >> reporter: so jimenez finally got the message, right? and he took down the sign, he put up a new sign that said love your neighbor, right? he was trying to make amends, apparently? the well, it didn't work because the neighbors are still irate, and they say it is time for the neighbor to pack up and leave that neighborhood. not sure that he will, but he told the local fox affiliate, shannon, that he's sorry. apparently, an apology's not good enough. shannon: we'll see because we have a lot more coming up on this, trace. thank you very much. in just minutes, we're going to talk to bob gold. he is the cancer survivor targeted by that sign. he's going to join us with his side of the story and tell us what's been happening in the days since. well, president obama's getting ready to tour the heartland and reach out to americans, but some argue it's
10:20 am
more of a campaign tour for his re-election. should the president be cruising across the midwest right now, and should it be on the taxpayers' dime? plus, investigators launching a new search for missing indiana student lauren spierer. what's sparking the new search? we'll tell you about that and new evidence may show executed serial killer ted bundy may have had more victims, a whole lot more than investigators ever imagined. some new evidence detail on that coming up. >> why don't you read it to me. you're up for election, aren't you? -- [inaudible] >> mr. bundy -- >> you told me you were going to get me. he said he was going to get me, okay? you've got the indictment. it's all you're going to get.
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shannon: this is a fox news alert. we are awaiting a news update on that situation we've been
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covering all morning at virginia tech. the campus remains on lockdown this hour after a man was reportedly seen walking on campus earlier today with a gun. just a short time ago they released a composite sketch on the suspect they believe was the man who was seen, and they've asked him, hey, if it's you and this is a mistake, please, reach out to us, the police here at virginia tech, so we can straighten this all out. as soon as we get that press conference live, we will bring it to you. new reaction this hour from the white house on the state of the nation's economy. white house press secretary jay carney saying president obama believes the economy will continue growing, and he's going to do everything he can to continue to create jobs. and in just a few weeks president obama will be hitting the road heading out to the heartland. the president is going on a bus tour touting his plan for the economy and talking to voters. but the midwest states are typically viewed as swing states, so is this more about being a campaign event, and should taxpayers be footing the
10:25 am
bill? a partner in hilltop public solutions, mo, great to see you today. >> the thanks for having me. shannon: is it possible for the president to do anything at this point and it not be viewed through the prism of a re-election campaign? [laughter] >> well, i guess who's looking through the prism, right? this is an issue that seems to come up whenever you've got an incumbent in office as they're heading into an election cycle and, frankly, i think it'sis mismisguided conversation. incumbents need to get out there and talk to their constituents. he's a full year and a half away from the voting in the general election, so for him to go out there and talk to people about the economy, particularly in areas like the midwest where there are, where the economy is hitting pretty hard, i think it's totally legitimate. it's actually no different than an incumbent governor like, say, a rick perry on a tim pawlenty traveling around their states talking to constituents a year and a half before their elections. no different than an incumbent member of congress like a
10:26 am
michele bachmann or ron paul, for example, holding town hall meetings in their districts in an election year. people want to be able to hear directly from their elected leaders, so i think it's totally legit. shannon: he's going to be out there talking to folks, we don't know exactly what states yet. more to be revealed on that soon, it's right around the corner. but how do you think the white house and the president himself might be sort of bracing for what they're going to hear? they say this is a listening tour. people are frightened, some of them very angry and some of them unemployed. >> yeah. well, i don't think there's any surprise there. everybody, both sides of the aisle, there's very strong bipartisan recognition that people are frustrated and upset over the state of the economy. um, and so my guess is that the white house is prepared to hear some tough talk from a lot of voters. um, and, frankly, engaged with them -- engage with them in a conversation about what the next steps are to get the economy going again. look, i think the president, um, needs to recognize -- and i
10:27 am
think he does recognize -- that it's not growing fast enough. but i do think you'll hear him talk a bit about some of the progress we have made with the economy. not nearly enough, still a long way to go, but there has been some progress. and so how do we take it to the next step, i think that's the conversation he'll have is. shannon: again, how do you think he does that? because we've heard some consistent themes, things about extending the break from payroll taxes and also extending long-term unemployment benefits, and now he's talking about patent reforms and other things. do you think the average american gets that kind of talk when you get into things about patent reforms and tax loopholes? how do you think he can speak to folks in a way that will change minds or reassure them? >> i think the president needs to go out there, and i think people understand that there is no single quick fix here, that there's not going to be one with single policy that turns our economy around. this is going to have to be sort of a comprehensive, big picture approach. and so talking about some of
10:28 am
those initiatives that you just mentioned as part of the solution, but also his, um, continued focus on things like, um, education and helping small business owners faster some innovation -- foster some innovation, putting people back to work building roads and bridges, all of those things combined, investing in clean energy along with some of those initiatives you discuss, i think, is going to have to be part of the holistic package. shannon: we will see as it resonates as he heads out on august 15th. mo, thank you so much for weighing in. >> thank you. shannon: we are awaiting a news update on that situation at virginia tech. the campus remains on lockdown this hour after a man was reportedly seen walking around with a gun. when it happens, we will bring it to you live. this is how president obama reacted to the slow-moving economy last night. >> we did what we needed to do to start getting the economy
10:29 am
growing again, and it has been growing. not as fast as we want, but we got the economy growing. shannon: coming up, we're going to debate his comments. and american serial killer ted bundy back in the headlines today. could a 33-year-old vile of blood -- vial of blood link bundy to other unsolved murders? we investigate. and a ton day at the beach -- fun day at the beach turned into a race against the clock to save a man who was buried under 20 feet of sand. >> i was afraid i was going to die, wondering how i'd live through that was i couldn't -- because i couldn't even tell if anybody heard me screaming help. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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shannon: fox news alert. still awaiting a news update on the situation in virginia tech. the campus still on lockdown at this hour after a man was reportedly seen walking around with something that three folks reported looked like a gun. just a short time ago check out your screen there, they released a composite sketch of the suspect they believe was the man carrying a gun on campus. they want to hear from him. if that's you and that with us a mistake let the police know. when that happens and we get the update we'll bring it to you live. ted bundy the serial killer who confessed to murdering at least 30 young women in the 1970s, could be responsible for even more deaths. police have found a vial of his blood after all these years, and that allow them to create the
10:34 am
first every dna profile of bundy. that new evidence could close a string of unsolved murder cases. trace gallagher live at our breaking news desk. this is fascinating. >> reporter: it really is. before he was executed back in 1989 he confessed to 30 murders. authorities believe he is responsible for a lot more than that. they've been trying to take his dna and match them to cold cases around the country. the problem is they just didn't have enough of a dna profile, not a complete one until now. columbia county, florida, found a vial of ted bundy's back from 1978. now they can use that vial of blood to complete anticipate even entire dna profile. they will put that profile into the f.b.i.'s database and compare it with cold cases around the country. police in tacoma, washington are very interesting in comparing it to the case of ann bird. she was kidnapped and murdered
10:35 am
in 1961 and was 8 years old. she lived in the same neighborhood as bundy's uncle. she visited a lot. they believe bundy who would have been 15 at the time may have committed his first murder with ann burr. they didn't have enough evidence. now they think they can see if there is any connection. before he was executed ted bundy wrote a letter to the burr family saying he was not responsible for that. police don't buy it. remember bundy was first caught in 197 -p 5. he was convicted. hhe escaped twice, he went to florida, he murdered three florida state could he edz before killing a 12-year-old girl in the orlando area, and that's the crime he was executed for in 1989. very interesting to feigned out if any of his dna matches any of the cold cases from northern washington state all the way
10:36 am
down to florida. much more to come, shannon. shannon: thank you very much. the dow down right now almost 300 points. a little bit over, actually there as we continue to watch the stock market fluctuating. this is how president obama reacted to the slow-moving economy last night. the president signed off on a major debt deal earlier this week. >> all these problems we're gathering all at once, and we knew the road ahead was going to be difficult that the climb was going to be steep. i have to admit i didn't know how steep the climb was going to be, but we did what we needed to do to start getting the economy growing again, and it has been growing. not as if's as we want but we've got the economy growing. when i said change we can believe in, i didn't say change we could believe in tomorrow. shannon: he says he's going to take time. we have a former speech writer
10:37 am
for george w bush and a former adviser to vice president joe biden and president of box global. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us. shannon: mark you know about speech writing and getting a message across. i've got to say it seems like this administration, at times this president seems weary of having to make the same point over and over again about the economic recovery. >> the problem is there is no economic recovery. i want to wish you all a very happy first anniversary of the recovery summer of 2010. if you recall a year ago they were campaigning all across the country talking about how the $830 billion stimulus bill was working. here we are a year later and we've lost 1.8 million jobs since the similar lust was passed and enacted into law. last week we learned -- the president says the economy is growing. last week they downward revised the first quarter of growth from 2% which is anemic to .4% which
10:38 am
is almost nonexistent. i think the president will have a very hard time on campaigning on the theme of morning in america. shannon: they deny a threat of a double-dip recession. how much longer do you think they can continue forward with the message. they don't have a choice but to say anything else but that. >> the best messages in washington are the ones that happen to be true. the president in this case has the truth on his side. he had said from the very beginning, from election night, this is going to take time, this is going to be hard, and it's going to require a partnership. and, look, i think the vote this week in the congress is the first bi-partisan vote on a major piece of domestic policy in this country since the president has been elected. it will be very interesting when these members of congo home congress spacongress go home.
10:39 am
it will be very interesting to see what the members hear when they are back in their district from their constituents. shannon: do you think that republicans and democrats alike are going to own whatever what happens, whatever results from the debt deal? >> let's put this in perspective. five months ago president obama issued a budget that tripled the national debt, raised it by $10 trillion over the next ten years. we just learned today that we have for the first time our debt has exceeded 100% of the value of our economy of gdp, the first time ever. this is a jobs issue. because when debt -- studies show when debt goes above 90% of gdp we lose 1 to 2% of growth. that is one to two million jobs each percentage of growth. the national debt that obama wanted to triple is killing jobs in this country. we are trying to pull back that debt and cut the debt so we can get jobs going again. shannon: robert i'm going to
10:40 am
guess you disagree what he has to say. you say the white house has the truth on its side. even if it does, what about the public perception? that's what they have to manage now. polls show the people are very worried. they think the country and the economy are headed in the wrong direction. where is the disconnect on the message and the facts. >> the president's approval rating is around 48, 50%. there is a washington problem. i think it's interesting that republicans always want to look backwards on obama and not look backwards on bush. let's talk about forward looking solutions. when republicans come back from the suggest recess and start participating and making hard choices about how to govern. this is not a democratic-republican problem, it's a washington problem right now. that's what the public is frustrated about. maybe we can start to legislate thoughtfully and in a bi-partisan way. it's interesting to watch the republican candidates for
10:41 am
president, i don't know if there is eight or 18 of them now, but there is sort of an ideological chaos in the republican party right now. boehner lost 25% of his conference in the vote on the debt ceiling. the tea party republicans in the house were split almost 50-50 and the republican candidates for president are sort of all over the place. if this were an easy problem it would have been solved a longtime ago. it's come blah indicated and requires hard work. shannon: it is complicated and the polls show people are plenty frustrated with washington. great to see you gentlemen. shannon: alabama's newly passed immigration coming under fire and not just from the administration. while more than a dozen foreign countries are weighing in on one of our state's laws. we told you earlier this hour about the neighborhood that is making national headlines, it's a big nasty fight. in three minutes we'll talk to the man who is being targeted by that sign on his screen.
10:42 am
>> it's almost like he's an 8-year-old bully in the elementary schoolyard and he never out grew it. >> he has not tried to apologize. >> what would make it right is for him to say, okay i agree guys, i agree to leave. pack up your stuff and leave town. [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight. but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did.
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shannon: we brought you this story earlier in the hour, a community in rhode island coming together in protest outraged after a man posted this sign at his home directed at his neighbor reads, glad you have cancer, now go die stupid. robert gould is a cancer survivor, he's now in remission but clearly shocked over his neighbor's message. he's joining us live. mr. gould thank you for your time today. how are you health wise. >> i'm in remission, i'm better today than i was a year ago. i'm very thankful to god for that and my wonderful oncologist
10:46 am
and his entire staff. they are my heros and guardian angels. shannon: tell us how the initial dispute or whatever it was that sparked up between you and this neighbor, what happened? >> just to make sure everybody is clear on this. this is not a one-on-one issue between myself and mr. edward jimez. this is a neighborhood issue. he's moved in roughly three years ago and from the outset acted very inappropriately to all of the neighbors around us, including myself, and things have progressed over those three years. you try to make peace. we took an approach of just ignoring him after a while, and then he hung the sign, the death to you cancer sign on his property facing my house. and i said enough is enough. i can no longer just ignore this man, he's out of control. it's time to get the police involved, the mayor's office
10:47 am
involved and the neighborhood involved. and we've had so much involvement, everybody is a hundred percent supportive, it's basketball a tremendous, positive showing of support. shannon: we tried to reach out of him today to get him here to tell his side of the story. we were not able to contact him. we have a sound byte that he gave to a local reporter there. >> i did something wrong. >> what do you think pushed you over the edge to put that sign on your door? >> well, throughout this month and a half -- whatever, how long it was, a year and a half, they are always like edging me on, driving by and snickering at me. shannon: he says other people were making fun of him or laughing at him. he did admit that he did something wrong. does that solve it for you? what would be the resolution for you. >> like i said ideal hraoet entire neighborhood would like to see him move out. it's very interesting that he's taking great offense at being a laughing stock of the neighborhood, people snickering
10:48 am
or laughing about him, he's not understanding our offense at him standing in front of his house with vulgar hand signals and mouthing srul are tkpwa vulgarities to us. a little different perspective on this thing. shannon: the police that you can't stop them from posting a sign. neighbors have got even together in a united front. there have been protests of some type. now the sign has been changed to say, love your neighborhood. do you think things are getting any better? >> do i think -- he has not actually done anything to apologize, other than simply tell the media i'm trying to apologize. he's actually never approached anybody to make a public apology and to listen to our specific grievances from neighbor, to neighbor, to neighbor to say i
10:49 am
apologize for that, what i did was wrong. he's never done anything like that. all this. i tried to poll skwraoeus he's just spinning a story for you. shannon: we will continue to follow this story. it is very strange and we hope there is a peaceful resolution for everybody involved. thank you for joining us. >> we appreciate that, thank you very much for your support. shannon: a brand-new poll finds 14% of americans think our country is headed in the right direction. 14%. ahead our power panel weighs in on what can be done to try to change that. he confessed to the brutal murder of a young new york city boy that rocked the nation just weeks ago. now we find out if levi aron is competent to stand trial. a live report on his court appearance today, next. they thought it was a bomb strapped to her neck. it turns out it wasn't rigged to detonate. we'll find out who was targeting
10:50 am
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ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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10:53 am
shannon: casey anthony's secret hiding spot not secret any more. the "new york post" publishing photos of what appears to be anthony at an ohio shopping center. they say she is wearing glasses, and blue contact hrepbzs and is trying to blend in under a baseball cap. these are the first pictures of her since she flew out of orlando after being acquitted of murdering her daughter, caylee. shannon: a young man is competent to stand trial for
10:54 am
killing a young man. >> reporter: let's start with the recent developments here. the district attorney's office in brooklyn has released a statement saying they are not going to accept a plea bargain in that of this case, they want this matter litigated in court. it follows an arraignment hearing that took place a short time ago. during that hearing they said the defendant is competent to stand trial. that is competent significant considering that he allegedly dismembered his own 8-year-old victim and his own attorneys say he hears strange voices in his head. aron pleaded not guilty to eight counts including first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping. this is a crime that has outraged the community where the 8-year-old victim lived as well as the entire country. surveillance video shows a little boy lost on the straoe of brooklyn shortly before he was object deducted, given a cocktail of drugs and then smothered with a towel before he was dismembered.
10:55 am
aron's lawyers say despite the ruling finding him competent to stand trial they are going to proceed with efforts to look at the possibility of some type of insanity defense. >> we will wait until our psychiatric experts evaluate him and find out what their answers are. if they tell us that there is a psychiatric defense then they will present it to a court. >> reporter: the attorneys asked the court to allow their client to remain in a psychiatric facility here in new york. the judge said he did not have authority to make that decision and referred that matter to the department of corrections. meanwhile the sentiment in the community where the victim lived is that it would be insane to allow an insanity defense to success that would keep the defendant out of prison. >> it would be an absolute tragedy, because that would indicate that that man that i saw this morning, a few moments ago, is not responsible for what he did. i don't believe that for a second, and i don't think anyone
10:56 am
else believes that. >> reporter: supporters of the victim's family believe that the defendant here, levi aron knew what he was doing and they say he must be held accountable for his actions. shannon: david lee miller with the very latest in brooklyn, thank you. well alabama's newly passed immigration law coming under fire. this time not just from the administration. why more than a dozen foreign countries are weighing in. and surprising new developments in the death of 11-year-old celina cass. we'll tell you what police took from her family as part of their investigation. and a day at the beach nearly turned deadly when a giant wall of sand collapsed on a young man burying him alive. a massive rescue effort saved his life and we'll talk to him live. @
10:57 am
10:58 am
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11:00 am
shannon: fox news art. the to*u plunging more than 300 points for the second time today. investors concerned about the state of the economy. stocks now selling off on wall street the day before we are going to learn the unemployment rate for july. this is "america live," i'm shannon praoepl in for megyn kelly. she is back on monday. 400,000 jobless claims. the good news, that is the lowest level in four months. the bad news the jobless claims four-week average whoever's above 400,000. that number has to be a whole lot lower to indicate any kind of turn around in hiring. chief white house correspondented henry is live at the white house. the numbers don't look so good. what does the administration got to say. >> reporter: they are bracing for tomorrow's numbers. the july unemployment numbers will tell us where we are in the middle of this summer. they are concerned because the atmosphere does not look good. you're talking about the dow being down, it has been largely
11:01 am
down for the last week and a half or so. secondly, even though this debt deal is behind everyone, at least the first round of it, we've seen poor economic growth in some of the statistics, we've seen poor consumer spending the last couple of days, yesterday's report saying that corporate private sector layoffs were up sharply. what jay carney was trying to say at the podium today was, look, there are a lot of fac factors here at play and it's not any one thing they are trying to get their arms around. take a listen. >> we have encountered in this calendar year a number of economic head wind that could not have been foreseen. the earthquake and tsunami in japan that disrupted global supply chains. the unrest in the middle east which had an impact on oil prices, and the situation in europe. so, you know, obviously that has hurt the economy globally and has slowed growth and job
11:02 am
creation. >> reporter: the press said to carney, look you're blaming it on the nam r you say it's because of the oil and prices have spiked. at some point does the administration have to take responsibility and not blame others. carney said they are not blaming anything. they say there are other factors out there contributing to a very, very difficult atmosphere. heading into 2012 if they don't start coming up with some answers it will be an uphill battle for this president. shannon: what can the president do. we heard him talking about making jobs the number one priority. what is the plan? >> reporter: they've said it many times before, there is frustration around the country that unemployment hasn't changed too much. the .2% right now. we are waiting for the new jobs numbers tomorrow. they want to extend a payroll tax cut that is about to expire that has begin average families a thousand dollars in their
11:03 am
pocket. they want patent reform. they think that will help companies with innovation. they want trade deals on capitol hill to go through. as jay carney himself says there is no silver bullet here, not one of those things is really going to make a huge dent in unemployment. they've created about 2.1 million jobs in the last two and a half years. the problem is they've lost far more than that and haven't been able to turn it around. there is no magic answer her. he spent a lot of money on the stimulus, that didn't pan out the way they advertised it. it's clear the federal government doesn't have that kind of money to try to spend their way out of it, shannon. shannon: as we keep a look at the dow it's about 360 down for the day, it's clearly not happy with what is bubbling up in the data out there. we'll keep an eye on it and minutes from now new reaction to what must be an extremely
11:04 am
disappointing poll for the administration. only 14% of likely voters say the u.s. is headed t in the right direction. 14%. that is the lowest level since november 2008 right before the president what's elected. coming up, the power panel will weigh in on a trend that could spell a whole lot of trubl for the president in 2012. mexico leading a group of 16 nations filing official arguments against the controversial new immigration law in alabama. it's passed a measure that makes it a crime to be in the state illegally. it also bans hiring illegals or renting apartments to they will. countries from brazil and argentina to columbia and costa rica all submitting legal protests against the state in court. in addition to lawsuits by the justice department 0 to churches and the aclu. trace gallagher is live in our west coast news room. alabama has its hands full. >> reporter: it really d does.
11:05 am
by filing the briefs it makes sure the protest -rs on the record. if you go through them you can see some interesting quotes here. i want to put it on the screen. one says these threaten the rights -- we're talking about alabama's new law, threatens the rights of their citizens in the united states. the bam rar law as you know is actually the most stringent law in the united states, even tough every than arizona's which is making its way to the supreme court. this law on top of the things you mentioned, shannon also allows police to detain anyone suspected of being i wil illegal. it requires schools to to compile information on illegal students and revoke the business licenses of any companies that hire illegals. the alabama governor, robert bentley has now i shall hued a statement where he says, and i'm quoting, lawsuits have been filed in every state that has passed a strong immigration
11:06 am
law. i will continue to fight at every turn to make sure we have strong immigration law in alabama. the lawsuits eithe he's talking about filed by the department of justice as well as the aclu. this is kind of piling on, you if the southern countries saying yeah, go, go those lawsuits, really nothing will be decided in alabama until the supreme court decides what is happening in arizona. sb1070, when that is decided they'll kind of make their way down the line and figure out how alabama's law falls in after that. shannon: that is the final authority, at least here in the u.s. thanks very much. the small town that touched off this whole doe bait over immigration laws is getting some back up from the supreme court. hazel ton, pennsylvania passed that illegal immigration relief act back in tweubgt 2006 denying any permits to any person who highers illegals and
11:07 am
fining anyone who rents to them. now the federal appeals court has vacated the ruling after the supreme court upheld a similar law in arizona. the decision doesn't mean that hazel ton can immediately enforce the law. what it does is set up a brand-new round of legal arguments. new developments this hour in the battle over the partial shut down of the federal aviation administration. transportation secretary ray lahood pleading with members of congress to return to washington from the august recess to tackle this important issue. mixed messages from lawmakers about whether or not that will actually happen. doug mcelway live in our d.c. newsroom. once they leave in august it's really hard to get them to come back, doug. >> reporter: they paid a lot of money for those vacations. it was just yesterday that majority reid sent a very accommodating letter to speaker boehner saying both sides should resolve their differences.
11:08 am
hours earlier he was salvaging republicans, which includes a bill called eas, essential air service. to cutback service to small and unprofitable airport. this is senator reid. >> this is one of the most outrageous bills that i can comprehend. so many people desperate for work are being told they can't because, once again, the house republicans, rather than legislate the way we've done around here for a longtime feel they have the empowerment to hurt the individual people. >> reporter: republicans point out that reid and three other senate democrat, all of them severe critics of the republican short term funding extension voted for a senate bill that had identical language, senate bill 223. it re, quote, revises esa program eligibility requirements
11:09 am
to limit such service to airports that are located not less than 90 miles from the nearest median or large hub airport. voting for that bill were senators boxer, reid, schumer and rockefeller. meanwhile transportation ray lahood has been making the rounds today again urging lawmakers to reach a deal. >> that has been a part of the faa program, if congress doesn't like it have a debate, make the changes they want to make, but don't hold hostage 70-plus thousand americans who want to go to work. >> reporter: even though congress will be in recess for august and remains in proforma session through a unanimous consent resolution it could pass this extension of the faa bill very easily without calling all those members back from those expensive vacations. shannon: thanks, doug. we'll see if they are game for it. the virginia tech campus remains on lockdown this hour after reports of a man carrying what
11:10 am
looked like a gun on campus earlier this morning. we are awaiting a new update on the investigation, but we're being told the police are going to hold off on giving out any new information right now. the university says three children who were on campus for some type of camp saw a man holding what they thought was a gun moving kwubg lee towar quickly toward a volleyball court. there have been no other sightings of the man the children described. his reported location, a dining facility steps away from where the 2007 shooting rampage started. a spokesman for virginia tech asking everyone on campus to stay indoors until further notice. this is fox news alert on syria's violent crackdown on anti-government protestors. activists saying at least particulars more people have been shot and killed by government forces. dominic di-natale is live with more on this. hello. >> reporter: shannon, the latest
11:11 am
casualty figures for the past 24 hours we have in the city of hama which has been the vocal point of the majority of protests across syria is now 45 people killed since yesterday. we are hearing heavy machine gun fire and tank shellers but not just the protestors but the civilians. reports that there were government military snipers on top of buildings randomly shooting at civilians. in one case a family of five with small children were killed as they tried to flee the city. there are reports there are big movements of refugees trying to make their way out. very difficult to independently confirm the situation there because no western media is allowed inside. activists from overseas say they are hearing from satellite phones in the city that the situation is becoming dire. we heard from the security council last night a condemnation of the violence there calling for the syrian government to stop it. the united states government has issued fresh sanctions trying to put pressure on those with
11:12 am
connections to the bashar al-assad regime. they fear a lash back tomorrow again from the government, shannon. shannon: thank you very much. texas governor rick perry coming under intense fire for hosting a massive prayer service this weekend. some say he should be focusing on jobs instead. michael reagan will weigh in on that. she spent hours with what appeared to be a bomb strapped around her neck. today her family speaks about her harrowing ordeal. a day at the beach nearly took a young man's life. he got trapped in several feet of sand. tons of pressure. >> he tried to create a tunnel, he got into the tunnel, the water came up to the shore, created a little bit of a liquid faction where the sand gets
11:13 am
softer and collapsed around him. the heart attack. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of. there's anotheway to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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11:16 am
shannon: we are keeping an eye on the dow at this hour. it is now down 370 points for the day, not good news as more economic data comes out hour by hour that is not encouraging. the white house saying it's not worried about a double-dip recession but there are others who are raising concern, and big numbers on the job market coming tomorrow. we'll find out more about unemployment. again, we are keeping an eye on it as it whoever's around 3 of 5, 370 down for the day. we'll talk about it with our power panel coming up. leading republican and potential presidential candidate taking heat from his own party for organizing a massive religious retreat. texas governor rick perry leading what he has billed as the response. some say he's stepping over a fine line between church and state, possibly isolating from independent voters. let's talk about it with michael
11:17 am
reagan. chairman of the reagan group. good to see you today. >> good to see you. shannon: almost everybody thinks that governor perry is going to get into the 2012 race. he's an outspoken evangelical christian, that's what it's all about. is it a good move for them? >> if it's a success it's a good move for him, if it's not it's a terrible move for him. governor perry is trying to make the ultimate decision, eugs he going to returning is he not going to run? he feels he needs the evangelical organizations to wrap around him like they did mike huckabee in iowa, a few years ago. this might be the road there. if it is a successful weekend i think he make the announcement to jump into the race and hopefully launch a viable candidacy in iowa. if it's not a success then another choice might have to be made. shannon: i understand that this is going to be funded by private groups, it's not government money or a government-funded
11:18 am
event. there is a lot of backlash because people say some of those who are taking part with it have what they believe and describe as extreme views. the governor said hey i don't think i could be a presidential candidate, some of my views are too extreme. does he possibly aouz voters that see him so far right that they may not identify. >> the reality is this is not about a general election right now. this is about a primary election process. you have to win the primaries to get into the generals. the independents come into play in a general election. so there is plenty of time to change that whole dynamic. right now it's about primaries, it's about iowa. what won it for mike huckabee back in 2008 was the christian community coming to mike huckabee's side. let me tell you about ronald reagan and mike huckabee. in reality neither one of them really reached out so overtly to the christian community. the christian community, however, reached out to them.
11:19 am
the moral majority ronald reagan didn't drive to and say, please support me. they came to him because of his views. and the governor of texas would be smart to let people come to him instead of many overtly going to them. shannon: there is at least one group that has filed a lawsuit. this is going to happen this weekend. they are trying to get it stopped. they think it's improper. they've lost at initial level. they've gone to the next level, appealed it to the fifth circuit hoping to get it stopped before it takes place this weekend. does that actually serve as a benefit to the governor? if you can say you're being attacked and being able to fight back does it make it look like he's the good guy here? >> well, in many ways it does. the old reality is, at least spell my name right if you're going to be talking about me. all press becomes good press in this type of an operation. this is putting him on the top of the heap if you will. they are talking about rick perry, not mitt romney, michelle
11:20 am
bachman, sarah palin. all the eyes of the other candidates are looking atick perry for this weekend. is he going to join into the fray or not join into the fray? and i think they are fearful he's going to make that decision to get in, because texas has a lot of money. it's going to take 50, 60, 70, $80 million to get him to the primaries and run a viable candidacy to win the nomination if you will, next year. shannon: we'll see if that decision is days away. michael reagan great to see you, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. shannon: we are keeping an eye on the dow it is flirting with being down 400 points. it's getting dangerously close, a very tough day on the markets. we have a power panel to talk about the economy, what poll results think that you think about it. what can we do, what can the administration do to turn it around much keeping an eye on the dow as it is flirting with being down 400 points on the day. folks vacationing in popular
11:21 am
spots are seeing more and more great white sharks. where it's happening and what can be done to control the problem and keep folks safe. new developments in the death of an 11-year-old celina cass. we'll tell you what the police took from her family as part of the investigation. >> it incredibly hurts me. i don't know how you can explain it. it's crushing, it's heart crushing, it's like a sore that is never going to leave. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein! really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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11:24 am
shannon: keeping an eye on the dow at this hour as it plumb et cetera. it broke the 400 barrier going lower than 400 points on the day. a brief, very small rally now but we're talking about being down more than 3.2, 3.3%. the gains for 2011 have been reraced at this point.
11:25 am
we'll talk more about the economy and potential solutions coming up in just a moment. new developments in the investigation into a young girl's suspicious death. police seizing the pickup truck belonging to celina cass' stepfather, a man police have arrested before. the 11-year-old's body found in a river near her new hampshire home. trace gallagher has the latest from the west coast newsroom. >> reporter: there are no suspects or persons of interest in this case but this is a criminal investigation, and it really looks more and more like they are focusing on the stepfather, wendell noise. it was his silver pickup truck seized and impounded by the police department. it was parked directly in front of the home that he shared with celina and her mom and sister. remember, noise reporters lee was questioned by police and would not cooperate. he was also taken to the hospital on monday after bizarre behavior where he came out and laid on the driveway. i was taken to the hospital at
11:26 am
the same time that celina's body was found in the connecticut river about a half mile away from the home. we've reported before that noise has a very troubled past. he threatened to kill a former girlfriend back in 2003. he was ruled unfit to stand trial. he was then committed to a psychiatric hop. celina was last seen in her bedroom, it was 10:00 at night, and she was sitting at her computer, the next morning she was gone. remember, they still have not released a cause of death, because they want to be absolutely sure, and they are awaiting now for the toxicology reports to come back. as soon as her body was found, though, they turned this into a crime scene, they put crime tape around the home and now they have seized the stepfather's truck. so far again we should point out no suspects, no persons of interest. clearly there is now more of a focus on the investigation. shannon: trace, please correct me if i'm wrong but we haven't heard from this young girl's mother, have we? she lived with her mom and step-dad.
11:27 am
i haven't seen the mom out there. have you heard anything from her. >> reporter: not a single statement. we've heard from the father. we had him in the program. he made comments saying he has not been involved in celina's funeral a range -plts. we have not heard from the mother and certainly not heard from the stepfather. we get reports that the stepfather has been interviewed with police but he's not cooperating in the investigation, and you wonder why. shannon: very odd. thank you very much. we are continuing to follow the dow now over 400 points down for the day. it's been flirting with 409, 410 just seconds ago. in three minutes a fox business reporter, a business owner and a democratic pollster will be live on set with me to discuss what is going on and if there is anything we can do to stop the slide. new information on a terrifying ordeal for one family. a home intruder chaining what appeared to be a bomb to their teenage daughter. for hours it stayed there. what investigators are learning now as her parents speak out for the first time.
11:28 am
>> we as parents are extraordinarily proud of maddie. she has woken up this morning in pretty good spirits. motorcycles, boats, even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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11:31 am
shannon: we're keeping an eye on the dow, it's been down more than 400, as low as 410 points in the last few minutes. we want to talk about it with experts and see if there is any good news out there. chris connor of the fox business network. patricia powell is founder and ceo of powell financial group,
11:32 am
and fox news contributor doug shoen is a former pollster. what is going on. >> it's an ugly sell off right now. we are really in correction mood. what that is telling you is we've had this run where -- it hasn't necessarily been going up in a straight line but we haven't had a day, or a few days where we had a sell out where everybody was nervous and anybody not committed to the market was washed out. we are going through that right now. we need to find where that ends and where we take the next leg up. it might not be 10% down, it might be 20% down. we have late ways to go. shannon: only 14% of likely voters think that the country is headed in the right direction, that is the very lowest it's been since right before president obama what's elected back in november 2008. that is staggering. >> it's staggeringly low and a
11:33 am
huge, huge problem for the president. the so-called smart political money said the number would go up after the deal on the debt was concluded. in fact what's happened as everyone has seen is the market has gone steadily down. the bottom line with unemployment 9.2%, with the markets going down, and there being anemic economic growth at best, shannon, this is tough times for the president. shannon: and patricia as a business owner, you know it's all about jobs. are you in the mode to expand? are you in the mode to hire? what do you see out there? >> i hit the button on monday to put my ads in. shannon: okay that's positive. >> on friday when all of this is going on i should have put the ads in i was like, i'll wait. so i finally hit the button. but what i'll tell you is the response is incredibly poor. , incredibly poor. shannon: unqualified folks or not the numbers, or the quality or quantity.
11:34 am
>> both. i have two jobs that i posted. one job i have not received a single application for, and the other job, most of the applicants have not followed the instructions that were in the ad, and what we've asked for and we said one of our requirements is you must have the ability to follow instructions. shannon: that is key for most jobs. i'm telling you right now i will get a flood of emails from people that want to know what the jobs are on how to find you. you are putting out feelers and thinking about hiring. shannon: absolutely. we've been growing. shannon: you say there is positive news out there. >> the economy is cyclical. a bunch of small cycles make up one big cycle. even when the stock market is down 400 points on the dow gas prices are going to go down, polaroid is down 5% trading at $87 and change a pw-rl now. that will have a positive effect on gas prices. there is your stimulus at the pump. also if you have any type of a consumer loan, whether a
11:35 am
mortgage, a car loan, a student loan, even corporate loans the cost of your interest expense is going down as wef ao seen treasury rates go down, that means mortgages are going down, interest costs are going down. >> this is the 14%. the real question is, well how can you even find 14% who think we are going in the right direction? people were paying higher gas prices and food prices. you're right they are going to go down, they are not looking forward they are looking back and saying, you know i keep hearing all this and i'm paying more. they've scared the heck out of seniors. seniors are sitting there quaking in their boots about what is going to happen with the social security, medicare. the baby boomers have been put on notice there are 78 million of us, we have been put on notice that our social security is at risk, our medicare is highly questionable and the oldest baby boomer went into medicare this year. >> as i look at it the only advantage the president has is a hugely weak republican field
11:36 am
that arguably inspires less confidence now than an administration that is almost totally discredited. shannon: when you talk about the numbers that are so difficult. this is not just a party issue. 63 of democrats say they think the country is headed in the wrong direction. that is the president's party. how big a problem is that. >> it's a huge problem. they are no more comfortable with the republicans than they are with the democrats. they want alternatives and at this point they don't exist. shannon: the debt deal didn't seem to solve anything. we got a little bit of a bump on monday morning. and it completely washed away. we are talking about knocking out all of the gains for the entire year. >> they are pretty much done after today. the debt deal itself i think isn't significant. it's all the bickering and the show of dysfunction in washington leading up to the deal itself that led people to say, i'm through with all of you. a recent rasmussen fox news poll shows 8% of americans have confidence in congress, that is left and right, republican and
11:37 am
democrat. i think they just say, i don't think you can help us, regardless of which party you represent, and i think that is a big function of the month and a half leading up to that debt deal rather than just the debt deal itself. shannon: i think it's important to note when chris started talking about the silver line inks and the possible things we've gone up 60, 70 points. the man is even more powerful than we thought before. patricia i want to ask you, when you look at washington as a business owner are they helping or hurting you with what is going on there now. >> i think they are hurting. the reason is they are making all of us hesitate. they make us hesitate to do a business plan, to do the next hire, to buy a next piece of equipment or expand whatever it is that we're doing and i think that's because most business oners are operate ta midsts to begin with, we have confidence in ours but we have a government that is telling us, we have the answers, look to washington for the answers. and you have a real fundamental fight between those people who believe the answer lies within ourselves and those people who believe the answer lies in
11:38 am
washington. my favorite economist is milton freidman. he said if you put the government in charge of the sahara desert in five years you'd have a shortage of sand. we have a government that is putting themselves in charge of jobs and if you believe that milton freidman at least had some of it right there should be no question why we have a shortage of jobs. shannon: doug you take the pulse of people and what they are doing out there. do they need to see a new economic policy, what do they need to see. >> a new economic policy would go a long way to begin to restore consumer confidence. pat is right, people see washington, they see dysfunction alternatele and harm. chris is right people didn't see the debt deal as doing anything. bottom line, neither party is offering an economic plan or strategy and the american people are cautious and tentative to the death kra meant of this economy. shannon: doug, patricia, chris, thank you very much. and the magical powers to lift
11:39 am
them up. we are learning much more about the search for a suspect who allegedly chained what police feared was a bomb to an 18-year-old girl for nearly ten very frightening hours. it happened in sidney, australia yesterday. a bomb squad freeing the girl after carefully determining the device was a fake. here is her family reaction. >> she's a little tired, a little sore from holding this dam device in place for about ten hours. but she is now as we are eager for her to get on with her life. so, again i sincerely ask you to respect our privacy going forward. maddie particularly wanted to thank those few officers who spent many long hours sitting with her showing little regard for their own personal safety in her immediate vicinity last night. they were an incredible comfort during a horrific ordeal. they know who they are, and she is incredibly grateful.
11:40 am
thank you. shannon: police say the man attached the fake bomb to the young girl as part of an attempt to extort her wealthy family and we are told he is still on the loose. we have a former f.b.i. special agent and hostage negotiator and managing director of the firm insight security. thank you for joining us today. i've got to note the heroics of those who stayed with her when they didn't know that this wasn't a bomb. folks like you who get into these situations, that is a lot of brave re. >> yeah, and this is the hostage negotiators, the bomb squad, technicians, this is what these guy do. they think about it in advance and what they have to do to get somebody through an ordeal like this and they are willing to take chances. the bomb squad technicians are very courageous people. shannon: it was several hours that this young woman had some type of device attached to her. how would they go about during that time determining what exactly they were dealing with, whether it was fake or legit.
11:41 am
how do you take this thing apart and make the assessments? >> they'll have two things to go with from the very beginning. the father made the comment that she was holding the device in place. either she had written instructions or had been told by the perpetrator that she needed to hold it that there was sort of a switching device that she might trigger if she moved inappropriately if she tried to remove it. these of the sorts of things that give the bomb squad technicians clues from the very beginning as to what to look for and how to slow low approach the device. shannon: when you're in the midst of this. how do you talk to the potential victim? how do you comfort her and keep going through pen ten hours? >> you start off my simply recognizing some of the obvious things. when you meet someone that you know is terrified out of their mind, the best and first thing that you would say is, look, i know you're scared. i know you feel alone. and i there is nothing that you can do, but we're here to help
11:42 am
you get through this. authors the kind of words that let a victim know that the people around her that are there to help her know what they are doing and that reassures them and calms them down. shannon: because this device, whatever it was was left behind with the young woman. whatever evidence will they be able to glean? they say whoever it was. they are still out there. >> it has all the earmarks of being very meticulously planned. there will be a lot of details. every single thing about this device, things that are simple as if there are wires that are twisted together, were they twisted together clockwise or counter clockwise and how many times were they twisted? every little minute piece of detail is actually a lot of evidence and gives the investigators quite a bit to go on. there is a lot of evidence here. shannon: all right, thanks so much for lending you your expertise, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure, thank you. shannon: tropical storm emily
11:43 am
hitting earth quaked ravaged haiti. residents in florida are being told to very closely monitor that storm's path. live in the weather center coming up. if you see any store lee today you must see this one, a teenager buried under several feet of sand for nearly 30 minutes. he survived. look at the massive rescue effort. we'll talk to him live about what went through his mind next. >> the helplessness you feel when you're under the ground. it's like you think you could just pull yourself out but you can't because it's so heavy. nobody realizes, wondering how i lived through that. i can't even tell if anybody heard me screaming help [ female announcer ] investing for yourself isn't some optional pursuit. a privilege for the ultra-wealthy. it's a necessity. i find investments with e-trade's top 5 lists. quickly. easily. i use pre-defined screeners and insightful trading ideas to dig deeper. work smarter. not harder.
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11:47 am
walking home to her apartment with her friends. now searchers want to search a dump. they say it was the final destination of trash that would come from her campus. tons of blazing sun and stand and a beautiful ocean breeze. but it was no day at the beach for one california teen. he dug himself a hole. we understand about five feet deep, then jumped in to continue the project. all of a sudden the walls caved in around him. he was buried from head to toe. 30 minutes later rescue workers finally pulled him out alive and well. he joins us now, live. matt, we are great to see that you are in one piece. how do you feel today? >> better, better. shannon: we can only imagine what you've been through. one of our producers did some calculations that there was about 10,000 pounds worth of sand on top of you. what was going through your mind as you suddenly realized that you were trapped?
11:48 am
>> i felt really helpless. it was terrifying. shannon: did you think under there that anybody would be able to see or hear you? what were you trying to do at that point? >> um, i tried to dig myself out, but i realized that didn't happen, it couldn't happen, there was just too much sand. i was worried h that nobody knew i was down there. i thought they were playing football or something, especially my cousin. shannon: you were completely covered. i guess it was your cousin who heard you. were you able to scream? >> yeah, i had some room around my head to kind of move my head a little bit to create an air porbgt but -- yeah. shannon: was there a point when you thought, this might be it for you? what went through your mind? >> i was just thinking about everybody at home, you know, i never got to say bye to my mom. stuff like that.
11:49 am
normal stuff i guess. shannon: at what point did you realize that there was some kind of rescue underway, some attempt? >> well, when i woke back up. i was unconscious for a little bit underneath the sand. when i gained consciousness i felt people pulling me up from the sand. shannon: i don't know if you've seen the video or the pictures of dozens of people's with shovels, their hands, buckets, whatever they can get, if you've seen that, but, you know, how do you react to that knowing there were so many people who immediately jumped in for a stranger essentially to try to get you out? >> it's kind of amazing, everybody coming together, you know, the lifeguards, and fire department, and all the rescue people, just everybody, a big effort. i want to thank them for that. shannon: well i'm sure that they will hear and see you there, and we wish you all the best going forward. we are so glad that your story had a very happy ending. thanks, matt. shannon. >> me too. thank you
11:50 am
shannon: this is a fox news alert. the new secretary of defensively on panetta holding his very first news conference at the pentagon. let's listen into that. >> to rogue nations that are making efforts to obtain a nuclear capability, to dealing with rising powers that always look at us to determine whether or not we will in fact maintain a strong defense here and throughout the world, it is that multitude of security challenges that makes me particularly concerned about the sequester mechanism that was contained in the debt ceiling agreement. this mechanism is kind of doomsday mechanism that was built into the agreement. it was designed that it would only take affect if congress fails to enact further measures
11:51 am
to reduce the deficit. shannon: you've been listening in to now secretary of defensively on panetta talking about his concerns about cuts to defense spending. it's streaming live online if you'd like to watch it, [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh...
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at virginia tech have just lifted a campus alert that was put into place earlier this morning after reports of a possible gunman on campus. police say three young men attending a summer camp at the campus said they saw a man carrying a weapon. police have released a composite sketch of that individual. no suspect was ever found. but the police lockdown on campus, that was done as a precaution, in an abundance of caution. you know what happened there in 2007 when 33 people were left dead after a massive shooting.
11:55 am
they will always err on the side of caution there. word that the lockdown has been lifted in the past few minutes, all clear on the virginia tech campus. beachgoers be ware, great white sharks are back in the waters off cape cod and pretty close to shore. and even more of them are turning up than last year. molly line is live in massachusetts, brave flee checking it out for us. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, shannon, yeah that's right essentially the great whites are here because they are looking for dinners. what they actually eat are seals. they don't really want to go after the swimmers. for the most part swimmers are safe. authorities are urging them, if you're going to be in the water stay away from the seals in the area. we went out with a marine research team from the fishery's division for shark tagging. an adrenaline racing experience. they went out. they tried to tag the sharks to learn about their movements, what they eat and their proximity to shore.
11:56 am
they are is a top official looking into this. >> as we tag more and more we'll get a more comprehensive sense of how to conserve the animals if it's necessary and also give the beach managers a better picture, a more comprehensive picture of how to manage these beaches in terms of public safety. >> reporter: one good point is that last summer there were quite a few beach closings because of where the sharks were in the water. now they are in other areas where there aren't as many swimmers. they haven't had to close any beaches. one little bright spot there as the authorities work harder and harder every year to keep an eye on the growing number of white sharks. shannon. shannon: thank you so much. we're back with more right after this. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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when they taste the food that you cooked, it does something to your heart. i think what people like most about the grilled food is the taste. the flavor comes from that oak wood. it locks in the flavor, it seals in the juices so that when you put the fork in it, it just goes through it like butter. it's beautiful. [ laughs ] i'm proud to be a grill master. i love food. my name is charles himple. i'm a red lobst grill master, and i sea food differently. my name is cso i takemple. one a day men's 50+ advantage. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. >> happy homecoming for an unfortunate cat across the ponds. this kit tin dubbed "hitler," for resemblance to the nazi


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